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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Model paper

Directions select the correct word
1)     Bread is related to bakery in the same way as brick is related to ……
     a. Mint                    b. Kiln              c. Furnace        d. Mine
2)     Dancer is related to stage in the same way as minister is related to …….
      a. Pulpit     b. Assembly      c. Parliament    d. State
3)     Ecology is related environment in same way as histology is related to …….
       a. Fossile   b. History         c. Tissues         d. Hormones
4)     Happiness is related to sorrow in the same way as comfort is related to ……..
       a. Hardship            b. Rest              c. Poverty         d. Difficulty
5)     Island is related to archipelago in the same way as chapter is related to …….
      a. Book       b. Author         c. Mystery        d. Content
6)     Bald is related to blond in the same way as barren is related to ……..
      a. Vegetation          b. Farm c. Fertile           d. Inhabitated
7)     Wax is related to grease in the same way as milk is related to ………
       a. Drink     b. Ghee c. Curd             d. Protein
8)     Drama is related scene in the same way as book is related to ………..
      a. Story      b. Page             c. Chapter         d. Author
9)     Tungsten  is related filament  in the same way as bronze is related to ……….
      a. Copper    b. Ships            c. Tin               d. Ornaments
10)  Man is related to shut in the same was as crow is related to ………..
       a. Caw       b. Chirp            c. Mutter          d. Mob

Choose correct answer:

11)  Are you going _____ Rahul’s party next week?
      a. to                       b. into              c. at                  d. in
12)  I had lost my key but I managed to climb _____the house through the window.
      a. to                       b. into              c. at        
13)  We got struck in the traffic jam on our way ____ the airport.
      a. to                       b. into              c. at        
14)  We had lunch____ the airport while we were waiting for our plane.
      a. to                       b. into              c. at        
15)  Welcome ____ the hotel, we hope you enjoy your stay here.
      a. to                       b. into              c. at        
16)  Liz usually goes to work ____ bus
      a. by                       b. in                 c. on                 d. for
17)  I saw Rahul this morning,  he was ____ the bus.
      a. by                       b. on                c. in                 d. with
18)  How did you get there? Did you come ____train.
      a. by                       b. into              c. on                 d. in
19) I decided not to go ______ car
      a. by                      b. in                 c. on                d. with
20) I did not feel like walking home, so I came by home  _____ a taxi.
      a. by                      b. for               c. in                 d. with

Direction (21 to25)
Read each sentence and find out whether there is any error in any of the parts. Errors if any, any part of the sentence , choose the corresponding alphabet as your option.

21) (a). Open your book at page six                           (b).  He is in class ninth.       
(c). This article costs ten rupees.                         (d). He came second time.
(e). No error.

22) (a). King George VI                                              (b). He is older than I
(c). He is better than I                                          (d). Raipur is hotter than simla
(e). No error.

23) (a). He is worse than I                                          (b). A horse is more useful than a car
(c). He gets a small salary                                                (d). In our library the number of books is less
(e). No error.

24) (a). He is the more  clever of the two                  (b). He is the cleverer of the two
(c). From the three he is the more clever            (d). Of the two plans this is the better
(e). No error.
25) (a). He is becoming strong                                    (b). There is very good teacher in that class
(c). He will spend the rest of his life here                         (d). This is a sight worth seeing
(e). No error.

Direction:  (26—30)Select the synonym:

a. eternal               b. internal                   c. bottomless              d. meteoric
a. mocking                        b. wry                          c. experimental           d. prevalent
a. battle emblem   b. facsimile                 c. replacement                        d. museum piece
a. tension              b. simile                      c. lack of logic                        d. repetition
a. ingratitude        b. decimation              c. splendor                  d. perseverance
31)  What  is the remainder when 783 is divided by 20?
a. 13                      b. 3                              c.7                   d. none of these
32)  If N = 1! + 2! + 3! + 4! + ….. + 50!, then which of the following will divide exactly N?
a. 5                                    b. 3                              c. 7                  d. none of these
33)  With how many zeros the product of 100! Ends?
a. 24                      b. 20                            c. 10                d. 26
34) Find the HCF of 105, 150 and 210?
a. 10                      b. 15                            c. 25                d. 5
35) Find the value of √2√2√2√2……infinity times
a. 2                                    b. √2                c. 2√2                          d. infinity

36)  Gold is 19 times heavier  than water and copper is 9 times heavier than water. In What ratio should gold and copper be mixed to give an alloy which is 15 times heavier than water?
a. 1 : 1                   b. 1 : 2             c. 2 : 3                         d. 3 : 2
37)  The concentration of milk in three vessels are 50%, 60% and 80% respectively. If 4 liters , 6 liters and 2 liters are taken out from three vessels and mixed , what would be the milk and water ratio in the new  mixture?
a. 4 : 3                               b. 3: 1                          c. 2 : 1                         d. 3: 2
38)  A father is twice as old as his son, 20 years back he was 12 times as old as his son, what are their present ages?
a. 24, 12                            b. 44, 22                      c.  48, 24                     d. none of these
39)  The sum of two digits of a number is 13 and  the difference between the number (N) and that formed by reversing (M)the digits is 27(ie N-M). Find the number?
a. 72                            b. 58                            c. 27                            d. 85
40)  If a shadow of a pole is 21 meters, the length of the pole is 14 meters. What will be the shadow of a pole when the length is 10 meters?
a. 8            meters                         b. 15meters                 c. 21meters                 d. 16meters
41) The ratio of incomes of two persons A and B is 3: 5. The expenditure of A is equal to the savings of B. if the sum of their savings is 27,000,  then the total expenditure of A and B is?
a. 36,000                           b. 63,000                     c. 45,000                     d. can not be determined
42) How many non negative integers satisfy  the x2 – 5x – 6 < 0  ?
a. 3                                                b. 5                              c. 6                              d. 7
43) The present ages of 3 persons are in the proportion 4: 7: 9. Eight years ago the sum of their ages was 56. Find the present ages?
a. 20, 35, 45                      b.8,20,28                     c. 16,28,36                  d. none of these
44) Some Rs. 1 , 50 paise and 25 paise coins make up Rs. 93.75 paise and their numbers are in the proportion 3:4:5. Find the number of each number of coins.
a. 40,70,75                                    b. 46,58,75                  c. 42,56,70                  d.45,60,75
45)  If x = 1 – q and y = 2q + 1, then for what value of q, x is equal to y ?
a. ½                                   b.- 1                             c. 0                              d. 2
46)  X + Y = 6 and 3X – Y = 4, then X – Y =?
a. 6                                                b. 4                              c. 2                              d. -1
47)  A is two years younger than B . If seven years back, five- sixth of A’s age exceeded three- fourth of B’s age by nine years. What is B’s present age?
a. 25years                          b. 27years                   c. 28years                    d. none of these
48)  For 10 hours a travels at a speed of 20 miles/hr and during 15 hours it travels 240 miles. What  is the average speed of the train for the whole journey?
a. 76.4 mph                       b. 11.6 mph                 c. 60 mph                    d. none
49) Two trains with uni9form speeds of 30 kmph and 40 kmph respectively  are traveling towards each other. If  the distance between them is 17 ½ km, how much time do they take to meet each other?
a. 25min                          b. 30min                        c. 15min                      d. 10min
50) If a man travels at the speed of 24 kmph, he reaches his destination late by 15 minutes and if travels at the speed of 48 kmph, 15 minutes earlier. What is the distance traveled by him?
     a. 12km                              b.18km                        c. 24km                       d. 36km

51)  Seven friends agree to divide their dinner bill an a restaurant. Six of them share the bill while  the seventh  decides to pay a 15% tip. If the person paying the tip spends 15% less than each of his friends, the total bill without tip is
a. Rs 9                               b. Rs 6                         c. Rs 15                       d. Rs 12
52) A company has 360 employees and they are paid an average salary of Rs. 6000 p.m. if the  company decides to reduce its work force by 15% and average salary by 8% per person, how much money per month would it save on salary?
a. Rs. 5,99,400                  b. Rs. 4,96,800           c. Rs. 4,70,880             d. Rs. 2,98,000
53)  Milk and water are in the ratio 3 : 2 in a mixture of 80 ltrs. How much water must be added to it   so that the water and milk are in the ratio 3 : 2 ?
a. 20 liters             b. 40 liters                               c. 35 liters                   d.  20 liters
54)  Two jars containing milk and water in the ratio 5 : 4 and 2 : 1 respectively. What volume should be taken from the first jar if volumes have to be taken out from the both jars so as to fillup a third 30 L jar with milk to water in the ratio 1 : 1?
a. 7.51                               b.151                           c. 22.51                       d. It is impossible
55) The average mark of a class of 48 students is 35. of them two scored zero, of the rest , the first 30 scored an average of 40 marks, the next fourteen scored an average of 20. If the remaining scored equal marks, what are their individual marks?
a. 80                                  b. 75                            c. 90                            d. 100
56)  A person  needs 6 steps  to cover a slab. If he increases his step length by 1 inch , he needs only 5 steps to cover the slab. What is the length of the slab?
a. 34 inches                       b. 35 inches                 c. 36 inches                 d. 30 inches
57)  The minimum number of straight lines that are needed to get nine distinct     parallelograms is
a. 36                                  b. 18                            c.9                               d. none of these
58)  The angle between two hands of a clock is 100º , when th e hour hand is between 4 and 5 . What time does the watch show?
a. 4 hrs 30 min                  b. 4 hrs 40 min            c. 4 hrs 45 min                        d. none of these

59)  Every Sunday Giri jogs for 3 miles. For the rest of the week, each day he jogs one mile more than the previous day. How many miles Giri jogs for 2 weeks?
a. 42                                  b. 63                            c.84                 d. 98
60)  A person traveled a distance of 20km out of a total distance 50 km. What percentage of the total distance he has yet to travel?
a. 30%                               b. 25%                         c. 60%                         d. 40%
61)  The present ages of three persons are in the ratio 5 : 4 : 3. Ten years ago their ages were in the ratio 3 : 2 : 1. What will be their average seven years from now?
a. 27 Years                        b. 30 Years                  c. 25 Years                  d. none of these

Directions for questions 62 & 63:
The questions are based on the following information.
At a certain conference of 100 people, there are 29 Indian men. Of these  Indian people, 4 are doctors and 24 are either men or doctors. There are no foreigner doctors.

62) How many foreigners are attending the conference?
a. 52                      b. 48                c.54                 d. data insufficient
63) How many women doctors  are attending the conference?
a.4                         b. 1                  c. 0                  d. data insufficient
Directions for the questions 64 to 68:
Answer the questions based on the information given below.
Four people Anti, Banti, Chetan and Dolly have together got Rs. 100 with them. Anti and Banti together have got as much money as Chetan and Dolly put together.Anti got more money than Banti. Chetan has half as much money as Dolly has. Anti has Rs 5 more than Dolly.
64) Who has got the most money?
a. Anti                   b. Dolly                       c, Chetan                     d, data insufficient
65) How much Banti have?
a. 12.03                 b.11.6                          c. 13.3                         d. none of these
66) Who has got the second biggest sum?
a. Anti                   b. Chetan                     c. Dolly           d, Banti

67) What is the ratio of the amount with Chetan and Dolly?
a. 2 : 1                   b. 1 : 2                         c. 1 : 3             d. 1 : 4
68) Who has got the least amount of the money?
a. Banti                 b. Anti             c. Chetan                     d. Dolly

69) How much water must be added to 100 cc of 80% solution of boric acid to reduce it to 50% solution?
a. 30                      b. 40                c. 50                            d. 60
70) By selling a book for Rs 150 a shop owner lost 1/ 16th of what it costs. What is it’s cost price?
a. Rs 120               b. Rs. 140                    c. Rs 150         d. Rs. 160

71) The ratio of investments of A, B is 8 : 7 and  the ratio of their year end profits are 20:21 . If B invested for 12 months. Then find the investment period of A?
a. 6 months           b. 8 months                 c.10 months    d. 12 months

72) If the number of fraction is increased by 20 % and its denominator is decreased by 10% , the fraction becomes 3/2 . find the original fraction.
a. 2/3                     b. 7/8                           c. 9/8               d. 6/7
73) Of the three numbers the average is 60, the second number is a fourth of the sum of the other two. Find the third number.
a. 48                      b.36                             c. 45.               d. can not be determined
74) A ladder 2.5m long rests against a wall, its top reaching a point 2.4 m high. If the foot of the ladder drawn 80cm away from its original position , find the distance by which its top comes down?
a. 0.4m                  b. 0. 7m                       c. 0.5               d. none of these
75. Harini  a florist makes a garland s with 7 flowers each, she is left with 2 flowers and if she
     makes garlands with 9 flowers each she is left with 7 flowers . If the florist has the maximum
     possible number of flowers but above 500, then how many flowers are left if she makes garlands
    with 16   flowers each?
     (a). 2                               (b).  5                             (c).  3                          (d). 8


Key mock-999
1. b      2.a       3.c       4.a       5.a       6. c      7. c      8.c       9.d       10.d
11.a     12.b      13.a    14.c     15. a    16. a    17. b    18. a    19.a     20. c
21.b     22.e     23.d     24.c     25. a    26. c    27. c    28. b    29. d    30. d
31. b    32. b    33.a     34. b    35. a    36. d    37. d    38. b    39. d    40. b
41. c    42. c    43.c     44. d    45. c    46. d    47. b    48. d    49. c    50. c
51. a    52. c    53. b    54. d    55. d    56. d    57. d    58. b    59. c    60. c
61. a    62. b    63. b    64.        65a.     66.b     67. c    68. b    69. a     70. d
71. c    72.       73.d     74. a    75. d

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